Fitbit: 16 Awesome Features


If you’re anything like me, you can’t go anywhere without a fully charged Fitbit. I’ve had a Fitbit for about 3 years and it has been crucial to me on my fitness journey.


  1. Step counter
    • This is the most obvious feature.  It is recommended to take 10,000 steps a day which is the default step goal set in a Fitbit, however, you can change your step goal.




  1. Heart Rate Monitor
    • A normal BPM at rest is between 60-100 for adults. Someone who is more physically active and has better heart health typically has a lower BPM and can go as low at 40 BPM for well-trained athletes.  My resting BPM usually stays around 63.
    • While exercising, your max BPM can vary depending on age, sex, and level of physical activity. To easily calculate what your max BPM should be, subtract your age from 220.  A 30 year old’s max heart rate would be 190.  (FYI – I’m not 30…yet!)


  1. Sleep monitor
    • This is not a feature I personally pay attention to too often, but it is very interesting to see my activity throughout the night. This feature shows how long you’ve slept and your most restless hours.  It will tell you the latest time you’ve went to bed in the passed week and also allows you to set a reminder to go to sleep.


  1. Challenges
    • This is probably the most fun feature.  This allows you to challenge your friends to hold yourself accountable for your goals.
      • Workweek Hustle: Allows 2-10 participants and lasts 5 days, Monday-Friday (duh).
      • Weekend Warrior: Allows 2-10 participants and lasts 2 days.
      • Daily Showdown: Allows 2-10 participants and lasts 1 day.
      • Goal Day: Allows 1-10 participants and lasts 1 day.
    • Along with these challenges are races and adventures.  Race your friends through beautiful cities and trails.  You can race your friends or take solo adventures.


  1. NEW! Period Tracker
    • Ladies, it’s finally here! Fitbit now has its own period tracker.  Log the first day of your period and Fitbit will remind you when it’s ending, your most fertile time of month, and when your period should be starting again.



  1. Weight Tracker
    • Watch your progress by logging your current and goal weight.  You can even buy this scale that will sync up to your fit bit app!


  1. Food Tracker
    • Just like other meal tracking apps, track your macros and calories by logging your food.  You can enter it manually or scan your food’s barcode.


  1. Exercise Tracker
    • With this feature, set a number of days you would like to exercise, 1-7 days.  Fitbit will auto recognize exercises such as walking, running, outdoor cycling, sports, elliptical, and aerobic workouts.  It will be recognized if you have been exercising for a certain amount of time and add it to your exercise goal.




  1. Active Minutes
    • Fitbit will count your active minutes throughout the day.  Set your activity goals in settings.



  1. Alarm
    • Use the alarm feature and wake up to a quiet vibration or for other reminders throughout the day.


  1. Stop Watch
    • Access a stop watch right from your wrist.


  1. Text/Call Notifications
    • Turn your notifications on to read text messages and to see who is calling you.


  1. Reminder to move
    • If you work in an office and sit at a desk all day like I do, this feature is very helpful in making sure you get up and walk.  You can choose how many hours in the day, how many days, and within which hours you want to be reminded.  If you haven’t taken 250 steps by 10 minutes to the next hour, it will alert you to get up and take a walk.


  1. Stair/Mile Count
    • Fitbit counts the floors and miles walked.  Elevation will be detected when going up stairs and will be registered when you climb about 10 feet at one time, however, it does not register when going down stairs.


  1. Water Intake
    • Set your water goal in ounces and track your water intake each day.  You can enter manually or use Fit Bit’s quick add feature.


  1. Calories Burned
    • This feature obviously counts your calories, but don’t be fooled by the number.  The calories counted by Fitbit is your TOTAL calories burned, not just exercise calories.  So, the total includes calories burned simply by existing.



These features are based on Fitbit Charge 2.  Features are subject to change with different Fitbit models.

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