The Journey Starts Here


Hey Bodscapers!  Welcome to my blog!  Now, before you get the wrong idea, I just want to make it clear that I am not a nutritionist, I am not a fitness professional, and I am definitely not a fitness model.  I am just someone who found her passion a little later than she would have liked to.  I wish I had known years ago that I would be so interested in health and fitness and wanted to make a career out of it. IE: Gym Teacher, Nutritionist, Health Educator.

For a few years now, I’ve known that I was very interested in everything health and fitness since I started learning about my own health and getting fit. I’ve been on a very long journey and it wasn’t up until very recently that I had wished I would have worked toward some kind of career.

I signed up for my very first gym membership at Retro Fitness in 2013.  My boyfriend was in a touring band, so I always wanted to look my best for his return.  After getting a few mani/pedis, I realized joining a gym and getting a sick body was cheaper than spending $50 every couple of weeks.  Not to mention, more rewarding to the both of us.  Although I signed up for the gym a year before, it really all started in 2014 when I got my first medical billing job after getting my billing and coding certification.

I was working for a multi-specialty practice where the employees were able to see any doctor for any reason cost free. Let me tell you, I DEFINITELY took advantage of that.  I hadn’t seen a doctor in I don’t even know how long so, I decided to get a physical. Unsurprisingly, my blood test results came back to show I had hypothyroidism.  I say unsurprisingly because I was diagnosed when I was 14 years old.  Of course, when I was 14 I didn’t really understand or care what hypothyroidism was, and I was not about having to take a pill every day for the rest of my life.

After being diagnosed a second time, I told a coworker whose response was “Wow, you might be a totally different person”.  She proceeded to tell me why and my life immediately made sense.  Soon after my new PCP referred me to the endocrinologist in the practice, I made an appointment for a consultation. Long story short, she confirmed my hypothyroidism and that it was due to hashimoto’s disease and diagnosed me with PCOS as well.  I started treatment and since following my endo’s diet and exercise plan, I lost almost 20lbs and was in the best shape of my life by summer 2015.

unnamed (1)

I became obsessed and was researching every little thing.  Why are muscles sore? What do they look like after a work out? What are Macros? What is a calorie? How much water should I drink? How much should I be eating? What should I be eating? What does fat look like? What is hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism diets?  What is the best way to burn fat?  You get the point.

Fast forward, to the end of August 2015 – I moved out of the house that my brother and I shared with our significant others and a roommate.  I wanted to enjoy my apartment and it was 5 mins further from the gym (tough right?) so, I took a little break from working out.

Fast forward again to October 2015 – I left the job that I loved after 1.5 years for another job that would pay me more.  I could immediately tell that this was not the job I would be staying at. I lasted 5 months before I finally found a new job and, in that time, I gained about 35lbs!  Before I found a new job, I would go home and cry every day.  I would treat myself by eating junk food and drinking wine and relaxing on the couch.   After 5 months of misery, I finally found a new job, however, I didn’t turn myself around right away.  It was probably 6 months into working at my new job that I one day looked in the mirror and saw fat on myself that I didn’t even know fat could store.   At 167lbs, I was the heaviest I’d ever been, and it was time to make a change.  Not to mention, I was going to be a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding in June 2017 which was only 8 months away!

I told my future sister-in-law and the rest of the bridesmaids that I planned to lose 30lbs and, with guidance from my endocrinologist, diet and exercise I lost 31 lbs. By the time it came to get my dress altered, I was 2 dress sizes down!

unnamed (3)



By June 2017, my brother was married to his new wife.  Almost a year later, I gained about 10lbs back but am in good shape.  I work with a trainer and am aware of everything that goes into my body.  I continue to research about nutrition and exercise and continue to work hard.

unnamed (2)

If you follow my blog, I will continue to share my story along with my knowledge and progress.  I hope to help and motivate those in need.  Like I said in the beginning, I am NOT a professional!  Just someone with a passion….

Until next time!


3 comments on “The Journey Starts Here”
  1. Jerry Kallman says:


    I am extremely proud of what you are doing and how your blog is progressing.

    I too have a blog (which is currently in hibernation),but you have inspired me to give it another shot.

    Your admiring uncle!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bodscape says:

      Thank you, Uncle Jerry!

      Means a lot coming from you. 🙂
      I look forward to following your blog as well.



  2. Audrey says:

    This blog is truly inspirational! You are an amazing person and wishing you lots of success on your blog! 😘


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